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Professional Interior Design for Shetland

Studio 81’ interior design was created with the purpose of developing houses and rooms with a sense of style, a good design and practical order. I’ve been consciously working towards creating spaces that brings calm and functionality to their owners,  and only the past couple of years I’ve had the chance to boost my interior design passion with knowledge as well. In 2020 I have finished my Interior Design diploma at the Interior Design Institute along with further certificates in Autocad and kitchen and bathroom design.

My husband and I owned a small family construction business for over 10 years, and from time to time we realised that our customers had not thought of having an overall plan of what they wanted their home to look and feel like. As a result, we often became involved  in sourcing and planning for people’s projects, and this is now evolved into a business opportunity. It was time now, to put our knowledge into practice and work as a team in planning and developing for all our lovely customers.

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Mood boards to inspire

Behind every design is a story – we work together to create a mood board that helps communicate the colours, style and feel that you want your room to look like or transform into. My job is to then create a bespoke design that you will love.

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Interior designed bathroom
Interior designed bathroom
Interior designed bathroom
Interior designed bathroom
Interior designed bathroom

My Work

My way of looking at any interior space is by starting with the practical aspects of them. I’m always overwhelmed with colours and patterns and textures that could work in a space, but it all begins with spatial planning. Taking into account the size and shape of a room or house, how much natural light it gets during the day and the clients way of using that space. There are tons of websites and shops available for people to choose their furnishings from, but sometimes the only way is to create bespoke. For spaces that could only work with certain sizes, or painted in the client’s favourite tone of colour, creating one-off pieces might just be the solution. Drawing up plans for bespoke furnishings is always an enjoyable process for me, and then see it come alive in my husband’s hands is definitely the added bonus. There are a few design eras that I do favour, however every house has it’s own feel to it depending on when it was built or what features it still owns from the originals.

Interior designed bathroom

For me a modern space means clean lines, fresh paint, smart wooden trimmings, doors and windows. Starting from this modern base, a space can be transformed in 100 different ways with colours, lighting, furniture or soft furnishing, but that’s all up to everyone’s own taste and likes. I always like to start with a clean slate, and then build on that. Modern also has a practical or sustainable meaning for me. As an interior designer, I’d like to achieve my ideas with as little waste as possible; let it be up-cycling furniture, increasing a houses’ insulation value, or installing stylish triple glazed windows for less carbon waste. I believe we can all create beautiful homes with a little creative thinking, and perhaps, a good interior designer ☺

Every project is unique, starts with a consultation to hear your needs and your ideas. After meeting you and seeing your home, I will produce a mood board with detailed ideas of how I would change things around to meet your vision, along with a clear pricing list for you to consider. Upon acceptance of proposed plans, we will closely work together to make that vision a reality.


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Layout Design

We can assist you with your project in many ways to bring your plans to life including:

  • Floor plans/elevations
  • 3D visuals
  • joinery design
  • spatial planning
  • finding the best tradesman for your project
  • co-ordinate the project
  • source furnishing and materials
  • interior decorating

For anything else you have in mind, do get in touch and we will explore whether we might be the right fit for your project.


CAD Drawings

I can draw up scaled plans to show you how I have designed your room so you can visualise what your new space could look like.

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